It had to happen eventually. According to the Center for Disease Control, traveler's diarrhea is the most common ailment affecting people. About 20-40% of people get it within the first few weeks of their trip. Took me about 6 weeks. I had been getting a little lax in my personal hygiene, mainly because it's hard to find a way to dry your hands in public toilets. 

Oh well, I've been confined to my little hostel room for a day and a half now and am getting bored. Time to overshare with the world.

The TMI Turkey!

 First off, I'm totally fine and am able to eat a bit. Val was a little worried, but unless I don't respond to the drugs we have, it shouldn't be a problem. These things usually resolve themselves in a couple of days by themselves. However, I took some Cipro anyway to try and make this resolve a little more quickly. 

Most of the time, TD is due to e. coli bacteria that your body is not used to. They are transmitted by eating food that is contaminated by infected feces. Sounds really gross, but all that has to happen is for someone to not wash their hands properly when preparing food or for me to drink some contaminated water or a ton of other simple things.

So I'm sick and Val isn't. That's really strange because we've eaten almost the exact same food. Maybe she already had antibodies for this strain or else I drank water from the tap. Hard to be sure. Maybe she'll get sick in a few days.

TD is pretty easy to treat. Most of the time, it responds very well to Cipro. In SE Asia, there may be Cipro resistant strains, which would necessitate the use of something stronger like azithromycin. We'll see. I'm only in day 2 so it should be cleared up in a day or so anyway. Just in case, Val's off to sign up for a 2-day diving class so she could become and Advanced Open Water Diver. That would let her go deeper and even to do a little wreck diving. I did some wreck piercing in the Philippines and it was really worthwhile.

As soon as I started typing this up, Val, of course, had to go and announce it to Facebook. Wasn't sure if I should stop or just keep on plowing on. Oh well, if I'm going to be sick, Ao Nang in Thailand is not a bad place to lie up for a few days. We started with a trip to Railay Beach to check out the climbing. Now this is the reason we brought our gear all the way from California! Lots of limestone sport routes, with new glue in titanium bolts too. When I'd been to Thailand in 1996, all I saw were rusty steel bolts. Very scary to take a fall on. Can't wait to get out there and see how badly I really suck at sport climbing. Oh well, just have to get over the fear of falling. When the rock is overhanging, it's much safer than what we normally climb. Just harder physically.

OK, next post should be about fun stuff!