I've worked with the same company for over 21 years now. It's had 4 name changes in that time as it was acquired and bought by other firms, but I've worked with the same core group of folks. My co-workers have made doing my job very doable.

But now I'm at the edge of a precipice as I look forward into a future of uncertainty. Where will I get the money to live? What will we do if one of us gets sick? How do I cope with the unknown?

Those are the kind of thoughts that wake you up in the middle of the night and keep you up. I woke up last night and was wondering about things. It's good to reflect on what's important in life. Not just so that I can do my worst Conan the Barbarian impersonation, but also so that I don't lose track and end up somewhere not right for me.

In the end, I think it's like jumping off a cliff into a lake. You can think about all the reasons behind it and hem and haw about safety vs. thrills. At some point, you just gotta turn your brain off and do it.

I'm jumping now and trust that Val and I will land on our feet somewhere. Stay tuned for the fun stuff. . .

Here's a brainworm that I need to pass on